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Sailboat Services  organizes the delivery of boats for individuals and private companies (boat builders, charter agencies, etc.).

I can handle delivery of any type of mono-hull and multi-hull sailboat up to 24 meters (78 feet), which are considered seaworthy and equipped with the security equipment required for a safe ocean crossing.


Depending on the size of your sailboat, I will skip her single-handed or with a crew identified among trusted sailors within my professional network. If you wish and are available, we can convoy your boat together.

You will need to comply with the requirements of the boat insurance in regards to delivery by third party. All my sailing activities are covered by a professional liability insurance.

TS42 Marsaudon delevery 2021-07-21 at 17.26.20.jpeg

Main steps

Before leaving

An inspection checklist will be provided in order to ensure the required equipment is available on board and in good working condition. We will discuss in detail all the measures to be implemented for a safe and successful delivery. These includes:

- Full inventory and verification of the working state of all equipment on board

- Preparation of the boat for navigation, in particular hull cleaning and repairs if necessary (paid by owner)

- Protection of fittings and other elements (new boats)

- Provisioning (food, water) and refill of fuel tanks

- Administrative departure formalities with local authorities

Depending upon the chosen arrival destination, I will advise you for the selection of a safe and convenient landing location i.e. port, marina, mooring, shipyard. All costs related to the chosen location will be paid from the day of arrival by the boat owner (NB: separately from the delivery fees) .

During the delivery

The boat will be delivered as quickly as possible by the most direct route, taking into account the general climatic conditions for the navigation zone(s) sailed for the delivery as well as weather forecasts for the time period planned for the crossing. I will keep a detailed logbook and hand it over to you after landing.

The delivery will offer an opportunity to identify possible areas for improvement on your yacht. Offshore navigation usually brings out many technical aspects which could be optimized on a sailboat. I will take note of all this useful information and share it with you once the delivery is completed.

You will be able to follow online the progress of the boat on a web page (private or public) set up specifically for the purpose of the delivery. We will be able to keep in touch via my communication equipment, Iridium Go! Here is an example of online tracking for a navigation between Japan to French Polynesia using Predictwind platform.

I will hold up-to-date paper and electronic maps of all navigations zones relevant for the planned crossing. In regards to safety equipment, in addition to the Iridium Go!, I am equipped with a portable VHF, a portable GPS, and a PLB distress beacon.

Landing & Hand-over

Upon arrival, I will take care of the administrative entry formalities with local authorities.

We will carry out a complete pre-departure inspection, which will serve as a basis for the handover of your sailboat at the landing site. If you wish, I can also take care of 'wintering' the boat, if you are not available to travel to the chosen arrival destination.

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